Zenith from Dovaam-based telescopes.

Zenith is the 11th planet from Asgard, making it the farthest. It is a cold ice giant with 75 moons.

Zenith flyby

Zenith as seen from a probe during flyby. Its moon Viola is visible in the background.

Properties Edit

Zenith, designation Asgard 11, is a frozen gas giant with a diameter of 139851.7 km. It's orbital period is 43 Earth years, and its day is 7 hours 49 minutes. Its gravity is 32.617 that of Earth, and it's atmosphere is composed of hydrogen and helium. It has 75 moons and is -198 degrees celsius.

Moons Edit

  • Viola
  • Dripdre
  • Sebbith
  • Zith
  • Denta

Zenith's major moons are massive, with Sebbith almost the same size as Dovaam. It is possible they are planemoes captured by Zenith's gravity early in the Asgardian system's formation.